ChokladentreprenorernaVintage Plantations pioneered the renewal of artisan small-batch chocolate making.

Vintage Plantations in Sweden was started by three good friends and cocoa entrepreneurs from two continents. Pierrick, a French chocolate professional who lives in the US, and Jenny and and Lars from Sweden.

Pierrick went searching for quality native cocoa beans back in 1985. He was among the first people to recognize that educating farmers and including them in the chocolate manufacturing process, is the first step in improving the quality of chocolate. This is still one of our basic values of today. 

In 1996, he set up chocolate production equipment alongside a group of Ecuadorian farmers and the Vintage Plantations brand was born. Pierrick connected farmers with scientists to improve their fermentation process. He also joined the Rainforest Alliance effort in Ecuador where it was developing its first cocoa program. We are proud to say that Vintage Plantations was one of the first bean to bar brand in Ecuador. Today at least 17 chocolate companies have sprung up in Ecuador, Venezuela, and Columbia following his footsteps.

Vintage Plantations made chocolate in Ecuador until 2007 but after years of battling various issues, the brand was relocated to USA. www.vintageplantations.com

Jenny first met Pierrick at a chocolate festival in Linköping, Sweden in 2006. They became good friends and Jenny started to distribute the Ecuadorian chocolate Vintage Plantations. She had been obsessed with cocoa all her life, but no one could answer her questions about this mysterious cocoa. Until she met Pierrick. She had an instant feeling that this man and this farmer’s chocolate are important for her life. So important, that in 2014, Pierrick came to Sweden and the three friends founded the Vintage Plantations brand in Sweden together for the European market.

Jenny and Lars are producing bean to bar chocolate in Umeå, located in Northern Sweden. They are adding delicious Swedish-grown berries and wild medicinal herbs that have been used in generations by the native people of Scandinavia. Their aim is to be sustainable from the farm to every step in the production plant and until the product is ready to be enjoyed by you.